The services of the VisPas Complex

Hotel VisPas

Without regard to the type of your holiday in the Republic of Moldova whether it is vacation or any other type we can offer you a wide range of rooms in the hotel located in the heart of the capital of Moldova.

Being a guest of The VisPas Hotel, you are sure to get a full relaxation and restoration of forces. We provide you with the elegant rooms that fulfil the requirements for a 4-star hotel and guarantee additional comfort.

Banquet halls

If you are looking for a place in which you could celebrate an important event from your life, VisPas will be an excellent choice. We present to you four banquet halls and an outdoor terrace where you can organize the most successful weddings, anniversaries and other solemn events.

The halls can accommodate from 25 to 180 guests. They have been organized so as to offer you warm, refined, exclusive and special athmosphere.

Conference halls

Are you looking for a good place to organize a conference, workshops for your business partners, teambuilding meetings and training courses for the staff? Do you need a place where you can give some newgoods and services presentatios, negotiate or present any other projects? VisPas can become the perfect partner for you!

The VisPas team comes in your support and offers 4 conference hall that can hold between 25 and 180 participants.


You can enjoy wonderful delicacies in the VisPas Restaurant. The best chefs create dishes of the exquisite cuisine, every your visit here will be an excellent gastronomic experience. Remarkable is the rhythm of the classical music accompanied by the sounds of the most melodious musical instrument.

Here you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared by the most ingenious chefs and arranged in the most original way. We will cook dishes of classical European cuisine for our guests, but for those who love traditional Moldovan dishes, we also offer national cuisine.

complex vispas chisinau


The VisPas complex has a terrace, which can hold up to 72 persons at the same time – its cozy decoration will help make your stay unforgettable. The terrace is located in a magnificent place – on the open air, where on warm days you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere in the shades of the trees, being around the flowers.

There you can distract from everyday worries, and be moving into a fabulous atmosphere.


Republic of Moldova
Lapushnianu, 26